: what do you think of Philip and Syrena?

I adore Sam Claflin, so I love that he’s in the film. And Astrid is a sweetheart, too. But I think their characters weren’t well developed. They barely had screen time, and when they did it wasn’t that good. I’d love to see more of them. (I love mermaids!)

: are u the first potc blog on tumblr? how long have u been running this blog?

Oh, I wish. I wasn’t the first, but I’ve been here for a while; 4 years this year. Four years, guys.

Pirates of the Caribbean // Old West AU

Elizabeth Swann is the daughter of the town’s sheriff and has a secret affair with William Turner, the son of a bandit who doesn’t really share his father’s ideals. They’re very much in love and everything goes well. That is until Jack Sparrow, a bounty hunter, comes into town searching for a criminal who calls herself “The Black Pearl”. Little does he know that Hector Barbossa, the leader of the Cursed Bandits, is also after Pearl. Jack asks Elizabeth for help and she says yes, having always dreamed of living an adventure. Will doesn’t like the idea of Elizabeth spending time with the hunter and ends up being involved in the search as well. 

screencap meme | dead man’s chest + my emotions

You know, I am a Captain of a ship. I could perform a marriage right here, right on this deck, right now.

The Curse Of The Black Pearl: A Summary (pt. 2)

Haven’t seen part one yet? Just click here.


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screencap meme | dead man’s chest + silhouettes

: Will you ever post again?

[whispering] Always.

Pirates of the Caribbean rewatch
"You best start believin’ in ghost stories, Miss Turner. You’re in one!"
Pirates of the Caribbean rewatch
: I just wanted to say, I /adore/ your blog and it's my favourite Pirates of the Caribbean blog out there (I'm a huge fan of the franchise and blog way too much of it for the rest of my fandoms ever to be satisfied). Your edits are amazing and your commentary is hilarious x

Wow, thank you! I know you can’t see me but I’m blushing and smiling like an idiot right now. I have yet to finish those commentaries, and I will before my summer holidays come to an end, that’s a promise!

Thank you again! <3