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: It's also rumored that one James Norrington will be said revenge-seeking ghost!


I haven’t read that anywhere but it would be awesome.

Do you guys know any other rumours that I haven’t mentioned? Let’s do it like this: whenever you read/hear something, send me and I’ll publish so everyone sees it, savvy? I’ll tag it all “spec” just so you know.

: OMG, im so excited about the release date! are there any other infos? like cast and that stuff? do you know if orlando and keira will be back?

All I know are rumours, basically. So I can’t say for sure whether Keira or Orlando are coming back. We do know that Johnny and Geoffrey are, because I mean, they have to. Some websites have been saying that Christopher Waltz will be joining the cast, but I really can’t say if it’s true or not.

Jerry Bruckheimer will produce it (duh), Jeff Nathanson is writing the script and Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg will be the directors.

As to the plot, (remember, these are rumours because no official source has released anything yet) there might be a new female character, a friend of Jack’s (and supposedly Barbossa’s daughter????) who is a scientist and some people claim she’s a witch. There will be lots of witches and also a ghost seeking for revenge of some kind (hence the name “Dead Men Tell No Tales”).

More rumours say that the shootings will begin in October, so fingers crossed!



Seriously though I know, guys. AND I’M SO SAD THAT’S ONLY GOING TO BE IN 2017. But I suppose it’s better than no movie at all, right? I just hope the movie is good.

Title: Hoist the Colors (cover)
Artist: Ana Luiza Lobo

I ran into the chords and thought “why not?” So this is me singing “Hoist the Colors” in the creepiest way possible.

Never shall we die.

screencap meme | dead man’s chest + lights!

"James Norrington.
                       What has the world done to you?”

 Whether you’re drinking in Tortuga, sword-fighting during a battle at sea or just plain fighting your natural ability to procrastinate as you battle your homework, this playlist is the dose of encouragement you need to get the task done! Hope you enjoy x [listen]

( “nothing is impossible when the pirates of the caribbean theme plays in the background” “true”)

Pirates of the Caribbean // Old West AU

Elizabeth Swann is the daughter of the town’s sheriff and has a secret affair with William Turner, the son of a bandit who doesn’t really share his father’s ideals. They’re very much in love and everything goes well. That is until Jack Sparrow, a bounty hunter, comes into town searching for a criminal who calls herself “The Black Pearl”. Little does he know that Hector Barbossa, the leader of the Cursed Bandits, is also after Pearl. Jack asks Elizabeth for help and she says yes, having always dreamed of living an adventure. Will doesn’t like the idea of Elizabeth spending time with the hunter and ends up being involved in the search as well. 

screencap meme | dead man’s chest + my emotions

You know, I am a Captain of a ship. I could perform a marriage right here, right on this deck, right now.

The Curse Of The Black Pearl: A Summary (pt. 2)

Haven’t seen part one yet? Just click here.


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screencap meme | dead man’s chest + silhouettes